Quartz is a very hard mineral, only diamond; sapphire and topaz are more scratch-resistant. The Manmade Quartz countertops on the market today consist of 93% Quartz, polymer resins and various other natural minerals. Granite contains 50% Quartz; therefore Quartz countertops are less porous. Food particles and other liquids do not stain its surface and cleaning and removing stains from a quartz countertop is far easier than from granite or marble countertop.

Engineered quartz stones are available in a wide range of colors and the countertop surface is uniform throughout, Quartz countertops do not require sealing. Engineered quartz countertop seams are more visible than natural stone which may hamper its overall appearance. Quartz is also more sensitive to heat than granite and typically cost more than standard color granite.


Below are a few of the colors that we can supply: Scroll over for name