Marble is an elegant natural stone rich with beauty. It offers a unique look and feel that has been used in palaces, temples, and sculptures for centuries and now is used for countertops, fireplace surrounds, flooring, sinks and vanities. It possesses a truly timeless beauty that will always be a classic.

This is a calcareous stone consisting mainly of the mineral calcite. Marble is highly reactive to the acids found in vinegar, orange juice, and lemons. These acids will etch the stone and leave dull marks or rings. Compared to granite, marble is a softer stone. It should not be cut on because it will scratch easily. But, it's not as soft as soapstone. Marble is best where where it won't to be subjected to frequent use and abuse.

There are many choices in marbles rich color tones. The purest form of marble is white. There are creamy neutrals and warm subtle earth tones, from golden hues to jet blacks. The color and veining of each and every stone is unique. You can find a variety of looks in Marble. From dramatic veining with contrasting colors run throughout the marble to a more harmonious tone on tone veining. Some marbles are so delicate that they even transmit light when back lit.


Below are a few of the colors that we can supply: Scroll over picture for name of stone color